look into my eyes

I’m always nervous about starting a new pieces and if the eyes go wrong at the start I might as well start over but these eyes are hear to stay 👀.


I’m so excited to announce that this year I’v taken a big risk to putting myself out there and got a stall at the Perth pet expo on the 17th-18th November. I’ll have a whole heap of pet portraits on show (with my bookings for 2019 open) and a few other animal works for sale (stickers, Tote bags, hand/paw made xmass wrapping paper that @georgebullx is helping with 🐕 and a few other things) I’m excited and shitting bricks at the same time 🤩😰✍🏻.

little foal

Big things come in small packages and this little foal was no different.

A5 pet portrait done in polychromo pencil ✏️

tiny foal

My tiny foal is taking shape and colour. She has a beautiful rich coat and to make sure the shadows/blacks are not flat these are the colours I use to make “black”. Swipe to see how tiny she really is, her head is smaller then a 50c coin.

getting into it

I sometimes get lost drawing fur and turns out hair to, just following the strands and flicks of the way hold hairs.

Heart strings

That hand and paw 😍😭 it’s going to be so sweet.

Welsh cob stallion

Finished this beautiful welsh cob stallion off yesterday. It was a delight to meet this cheeky boy in person and I’ve loved the challenge of drawing a black coat and finding ways to pull light and colour from it. This will now make its way down to Narrogin to the stud farm he calls Home.

what dose she use?

Maybe she’s born with it…. Maybe it’s manebelline .
Slowly getting there when ever I have an hour to spear.

black is not black

Black is not just black it’s made up of lots of other colours like sky blue to get a good black finish.

the start of something new

If you squint your eyes and turn your head you can make out the lines of a horse 🐴
This is the start of my next pet portrait for the owner of this lovely Welsh cob stallion. She was so kind and let me spend some time getting to know some of her fur babies and let me take photos of a few of them with my pet wedding signs.


On the tools today wiping up the next batch of wedding signs. There’s just something about doing it by hand I like. I think it adds a little something special to handmade goods, knowing that someone has taken the time.

Photo shoot time

What a sweetheart, I got to do a little photoshoot with this stunning boy the other day to show off my wedding signs. He totally stole the show.

Red caped Gum

Oh how iv missed drawing, I forgot how calming it is. I’ve been working on a few things I can’t show yet but finished this one off finally. Now to find a frame I haven’t broken yet 🤔

✨I made my first sale on #etsy✨

I’m so excited to share this with you all. This is months of hard work and second guessing paying off. Thank you so so much for shopping small and shopping local, you have no idea how important it is 😘

✨I made my first sale on #etsy✨

Etsy store is live

Finally, my Etsy store is live and I couldn’t be happier to share it with you click here to have a look.

wedding sign

There’s a sea of wedding signs taking over my floor. I’m a little over halfway through setting up my Etsy store and I’m so excited to launch at the end of the month. 🚀🚀🚀

bring on 2018

I’m getting sorted for 2018. Making note of dates and filling up my diary. If you have ever thought of commissioning something or are looking to get some work done shoot me an email id love to pencil it in.