Lexus Telethon Ball

Last night along side family and friends I attended the Lexus Telethon Ball. Giving a little back to help the sick kids of WA. PMH and Telethon have always been near and dear to many of us that attended last night. Touching our lives in different ways.
The last financial year was my best year so far as my own boss and enabled me to have this opportunity to support such an amazing event.

bread and butter

I don’t really do much corporate design work anymore but I do love a good photo shoot of fresh cards.

coming along

Finally making some headway the finished pile is growing.
The launch date it becoming real.

pulling on the heart strings

Working on this sign has brought up more feeling then I ever throughly it would but hopefully it will mean as much to someone on their special day as the thought dose to me.
This is part of the new range of wedding signs I’m working on.

New toy

I invested in a new camera to lift my game. Now I’ll be able to do proper time lapse videos to show case my working style and better photos of my work.

perth weather

While it’s cold wintery outside I’m all rugged up drawing.

Today is George’s gotcha day!

Today marks a year that we have had my coworker here. You can beat that ever long night or early morning I’m out here working George is out here with me. Can’t do it with out him 🐶

Here’s the low down.
This time last year we went down to have a look at a few dogs we had seen online, well that was the plan till I saw this boofhead with his cone of shame resting on the ground (big cone little legs) as he sat at the end of his run, with the biggest brown eyes and help me face. He worked it and I couldn’t leave him there and we took him home the next day.
Since then George has come along leaps and bounds. When we first got him he had some big trust issues and fear of men, which with the lots of patience and understanding from Dad and the rest of men in our family, he started to get over. A year later he is now more than happy to get a good chin scratching and head pat for just about anyone that will stop and give him the time.
As time went on George’s true colours came out. His playful side comes to light; he loves to run and jump around and will bring you his toys and talk you into dropping what you’re doing to go play for 10 minutes no matter the time of day. It didn’t take us long to find out that his little legs are full of power, he is a master of the agility course. He powers up the A frames and leaps over the hurdles with ease. He is a big dog with little legs.
After a long day of playing and living the good life, getting up to no good, he loves to hear the magic words “pajamas” on these cold nights. His tail flicks and he comes running to get dressed for bed. Then will promptly take him self off to bed. This is the best time for puppy cuddles.
It’s been a great year for all of us and George, we have many play dates with fluffy cousins, lots of road trips up to Kalbarri and Geraldton, trips to the beach where George loves to explore the dunes and go for a good swim to cool off and so many good memories made with this new member of our family.

back at it

Feels so good to be back at the paper again. I’ve spent a week and a half in bed with a cold so this is a good step to getting back into things.

Flower power

The new muse. I had some time off drawing off late to work on a new range soon to be launched but this little beauty is tempting me back.

A Happy Farmer

A little bit of a thought back to a few months ago when I painted a landscape of an old farmers favourite morning view of his land and award chickens.

Best Day ever

Today’s take your dog to work day. George is taking this very seriously and instead of napping is helping pick colours.

Working Hard

I’m working on some exciting new things for a new range. My co-worker however well he is working hard on his beauty sleep (not that he needs it)


Here he is in all his fluffy glory Benji. This is the first her portrait Iv ever done and I’m keen as beans to do more. Hit me up if your interested


For those brave that gave their life so that we could live our thank you.


Got to admit it they are the best. Here’s a little sneaky look at a very fluffy fur baby I’m working on at the moment.

My books are now open for more projects like this. If you or someone you know are interest in a piece like this please get in contact with me through the contact page and use the subject line Pet Portrait.