What a blast! We were blown away by the ALL ANIMAL ADOPTION AND RESCUE DAY put on by @staffyandbullybreedrescue . It was so good to see so many people out braving the hot windy weather in support. There were so many friendly faces and happy puppy dogs everywhere (šŸ™ŒheavenšŸ™Œ) this was hands down our favourite event even and we canā€™t wait to be back next time šŸ¤žšŸ».

Thanks heaps Perth vet bill assistance for being amazing neighbours.We got George a bandana is from them and the money from that will help treat animals that humans canā€™t afford to treat them. They help prevent unnecessary euthanasia and surrendering they are a great charity doing amazing things go find them in Facebook. –
Thanks to these amazing vendors it was good to meet you all in person.
@wookie_dogs thanks for the treats from George he loves them and we love that $1 from this heart pop gets donated how good is that šŸ‘šŸ»